One Year Old

Your child isn’t a baby anymore, but they’re not quite a toddler yet.  At this age huge strides in language and motor development take place, and your little one goes from crawling to taking their first steps.  Through play and interaction with Pumpkin Patch caregivers, your 1 year old will improve their dexterity and use their hands and fingers to point and grasp.

Pumpkin Patch provides educational toys, such as brightly colored shapes and sorters, stacking toys, trains, cars and other kid-friendly imitations of real life objects. Children learn about the world around them, in a safe, nurturing and friendly environment.

By this time, motor and eye-hand coordination is starting to develop, so we concentrate on ways to improve these skills while keeping a close eye on safety and encouraging curiosity. Easily-graspable blocks, simple puzzles, art supplies and books are always available to keep your child entertained, excited and engaged in learning and exploring.

The toddler classroom is completely self-contained, with a separate changing area and food preparation area.  Our highly trained staff always follows a strict, proper hygiene and changing regimen to keep your child safe and comfortable.

This is the age at which your child will start the Pumpkin Readiness Educational Program, or P.R.E.P. The P.R.E.P. program is designed to work alongside your child’s natural development in language, math and more.

The P.R.E.P. program also helps keep parents informed!  We believe that parents play a pivotal role in the caregiving and educational process, which is why you’ll find out exactly what your child is learning while giving them the skills and tools they need to succeed: physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.

At Pumpkin Patch, we take great care in helping toddlers explore their world while safely guiding them to age-appropriate tools and educational toys such as blocks, puzzles, art and play.

One year old children are actively involved in exploring the world around them, and Pumpkin Patch makes it fun and exciting! Each day starts with a story then progresses through one-on-one play and development, snack time, and carefully-monitored independent activities. Songs are sung together to encourage transitions. Together, we’ll make exciting new discoveries, get involved in hands-on activities, and have fun while we learn. The P.R.E.P. Curriculum involves sensory, language development, dramatic play, recognizing the faces of our family and friends, and much more! We’ll also talk about ourselves and what makes us special, while learning about others and how we’re all unique.